st. Paul Chapel, Manhattan US

Mała kaplica otoczona grobami, wśród których po latach urosły wysokie drzewa. Do tego miejsca można wejść z czterech stron, bo tyle ulic otacza ten skwer. W upalny dzień błogi cień jest upragniony. Miejsce szczególne, gdyż stoi od lat nienaruszone przez otaczające go wydarzenia.

USA, Nowy York, Manhattan and St. Paul’s Chapel is 2 streets from Ground Zero, stay untouched.

„This is the oldest church in Manhattan, the chapel of St. Paul was the parish part of the large church of the Holy Trinity, located just six blocks to the south. The territory around the chapel was called “holy land” for two reasons, and only one of them is related to religion. The land was holy because it belonged to the church; but it was precisely there that the Manhattan moths sold their services. The main entrance to the church was located on the Broadway side. The chapel is the best surviving example of Georgian church architecture in the city. George Washington used to pray in this chapel, and his bench is still kept there. That’s why I love NY and its architecture is rich in history. Over the years, the chapel only absorbs urban beauty and history more.” – Scott Brown

The Bell of Hope was a gift from London’s St. Mary-le-Bow, which is the sister church to St. Paul’s Chapel. Installed in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Chapel in September 2002, the Bell of Hope is rung at a ceremony every year on September 11th. It has also been rung after the bombings in Madrid, 2004; London, 2005; Mumbai, 2008; Moscow, 2010; and the Boston Marathon, 2013; and for the shootings at Virginia Tech, 2007 and in Norway, 2011.

„George Washington used to pray at this chapel. There is obelisk in cemetery here that aligns perfectly to form a straight line with two other obelisks (Cleopatra’s needle & Worth obelisk) Does this mean anything? The obelisk in the middle is directly across from the masonic lodge. Cleopatra’s needle is directly linked to the original freemasons -Egyptian stone workers- and the obelisk at this chapel has no body buried underneath… it is a „fake” obelisk?” – Natalia Spinelli


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